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Arf‘n Bark Doggie Daycare
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Arf’n Bark Owners: 
Karen LeGore & Sandy Winter

Your pooch will learn good socialization skills at daycare. Here at Arf’n Bark we believe in socializing as soon as possible. Our daily maximum is 20 dogs a day so they get lots of special attention. Unlike most daycares we take puppies starting as young as 12 weeks old if they have their shots. Spay and Neutering are required at the appropriate age. Your pooch will have loads of fun learning how to get along with dogs of all ages and will grow into a well mannered dog.

“A clean environment & lots of Special Attention” 
has been our motto since 1999”

Ginger Beds Story

We are a proud Portland, Oregon based business and we handcraft beautiful dog beds that help make the world a better place. Ginger (The Bulldog) leads our product testing division and brings years of experience in lounging to the company.

We curate beautiful fabrics that are design inspired and the care we take in sewing our beds creates a bed that will be comfortable and look great anywhere in your home.




A few of the cool things about these pet beds:
We LOVE these beds!! Read their mission statement and you’ll see why.

  1. Bullet 4 different sizes to choose from.

  2. Bullet Additional/Replacement cushions

  3. Bullet Additional/Replacement covers

  4. Bullet Pee pads

  5. Bullet More new fabrics coming soon!

Every business begins with a Purpose and ours is to Pay It Forward. With your purchase, you enable us to change lives in the world we live in. We thank you and hope you’ll join us in making the world a better place. We support K9s for Warriors who train and provide therapy dogs for our veterans who suffer from PTSD. Ninety five percent of their therapy dogs are shelter/rescue dogs. They are carefully selected and trained for the partner, forever changing and improving the life of the veteran and dog.

Looking for a gift for you pooch loving friends? This is a yummy solution!